Sunday, February 24, 2008

Painting of Mike-- 1st Surrealism Homework

So here they are....finally. These are pics of the progression of my first Surrealism homework and then the final piece. I am pretty happy with the results because I accomplished my goal. Granted the colors are quite vibrant and wild, but so is Mike :)

In most of my classes this would be considered too loud and it would need to be muted, but I went out of my way not to mute the colors because Mike is not muted. He is vibrant, humorous, outgoing, and crazy cool :) while at the same time serious, calm, somewhat stubborn and serious. And I have the luxury of knowing all of these characteristics of him. Yea me!

So in summary, I know this painting is out there, but I am SO proud of myself for having a plan, following through and experimenting with painting in a way that I typically would not. I am so glad that I am in this class with an instructor who is challenging us to do this. Oh and I have so many ideas on how I would like to do this painting again. I would like to see it without the green and using more analogous colors (more like what you see in his clothing and background) and not much if any of the complements....but this would not have worked for me in this assignment. I also like the third picture where only his face is left black and white. For myself, that is what I would have wanted on my wall assuming the beard was finished....

Oh and I purposefully only made the paint on his body thick because he stands out from the back ground and he is the one with the layers.

Ohhhh and I also included some close ups so you could get a feel for the texture.

And I am out!


Unknown said...

It looks super cool!

Sola said...

Thanks so much Shannon!!!

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