Sunday, February 10, 2008

Copies of my instructors paintings

So I am trying to get better at quick studies so my instructor let me borrow his paintings. I tried to copy them....I TRIED to copy them. Not even close to the beauty of his work BUT I am learning a lot. By the end of tomorrow (night) I should have 6 paintings (OF MY OWN) done for this class. I'm crossing my fingers.

OH and by the way, it is A LOT easier to COPY another persons painting so it shows how far I have to go. When copying another persons painting they have already done the work to edit what they see and interpret it into paint strokes. I am just copying their strokes (well trying to.) My goal is to be able to consistently interpret and create my own beautiful stokes.....which I can, but it is harder to do in an hour or less painting like these and the others from my Quick Study Class. I am learning so much from Craig Nelson. Thanks Craig! I will say it again. These are my COPIES of Craig Nelson's paintings.....NOT my original composition etc...etc.

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