Friday, February 1, 2008

My Blog Begins:Expressionism--Pushing Subject Matter towards Non Objective Abstraction

This is a painting I did on the first day of my Surrealism Class. I love it. The information is great and the instructor is very informative and passionate. He told us to paint the model but to push it towards non objective abstraction. I was fairly conservative with my push because I had to take a month off of painting due to a surgery and I wanted to get comfortable with the figure also. I did 4 other paintings that day too but this is my favorite even though I pushed it to total destruction. But it was about the process.

The last one is still in progress, but the instructor liked the composition. He said it made it less about the figure and potentially more about the paint and brush stokes (which was the point of the day.)

More to come later from this class.


Anonymous said...

i really enjoy the first one in this series. the transition is wonderful.

Sola said...

Hey thanks a lot I really appreciate your comment. I hope to continue to experiment like that. It is fairly different from what I have done in the past (hope to put those up at some point) and yet it is in a style that I really have fun exploring. Take care and thanks again.

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