Saturday, September 13, 2008

back, back, back to school again. Whoa, whoa, I gotta go... back to school again!

I am back from Italy and back in school again. Check out my Italy blog if you would like at SolainItalia. I haven't quite finished the last two weeks of it though. Soon, very soon.

So here is my first homework for Situation and Environment class. I am taking it online. This is my first online painting class and I really like it so far. For this assignment we were supposed to use a limited palette of four colors and spend about three hours painting from a photo my instructor provided. He wanted us to focus on a two value painting and not to worry about too much detail which is why the time was limited. Not to mention, it is supposed to simulate a painting that we would have done in class.

I like the head but I feel like my colors could be better and the proportions and hands aren't good. I have to work on that. I didn't spent much time on the hands. Overall I like it, especially since it is my first painting of a figure since last semester. All those landscapes got me rusty......but not too rusty :)


Ross Bowns said...

The painting looks good. Who is teaching the class?

Sola said...

Thanks Ross! Brandon Smith is teaching it. So far so good. See you around. Take care!

Unknown said...

Hi . .. I am Kaylee's mom. your stuff. . .you are very talented. Is there a way to know what you might charge for some of the Italian scenes?

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