Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plein Airing it again!

Rebecca and I went plein air painting on Fulton avenue Wednesday. It was good to be outside painting again, but I can't say I really like the results (AT ALL.) Here come the excuses.

1) I was ridiculously tired (haven't had more than 6 hours of sleep a night)
2) The wind was whipping up Fulton so I was freezing and didn't stay to finish.
3) It seems like I haven't plein air painted in over a month (oh I guess I really haven't)
4) My painting mind is back on the figure (hence going painting with Rebecca.) I need to keep a balance somehow.

The treat in the end was an awesome veggie sandwhich (a la Rebecca), a trip to the Women Impressionist exhibit at Legion of Honor (a la Rebecca), and coffee, a yummy bagel, and good conversation (a la Rebecca and Simple Pleasures Cafe.)

Headed to the studio till midnight after running errands.

Great day!

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