Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick Study Homework Assignments

These are four of the six quick study homeworks I did for this weeks class. My instructor really liked the first one and so do I. I included some of the in progress photos for that one. I also did one of the same photo of my friend Linda. As you can see it is not as good as the one I did to give to her, but I also did it in less time. My instructor liked it though (as do I.)

Linda/Hotel in New York on New Year's Eve/Cops in either Italy or Spain


Anonymous said...

TGV... I remember that. Was this done while you were on a train? If it is the TGV I am thinking of it reminds me of so much. When I look at this I think of what it was like to sit on the train while I was on my way to Spain to meet my lover. I sat and starred at the empty seat in front of me and imagined what it would be like to see him there. The red stood out the most to me not because of its place in the primary colors, but it symbolized the passion and lust I had. Our passion drove through the hills of Italy, France, Germany, and finally back to Paris as fast as that train started and ended as fast as it stopped. I love this one.

Sola said...

Michele that is awesome. I feel passionate about this painting too, but for different reasons. For me it represents the freedom and liberty and peace I have felt during my many trips and it also represented my love of France. I feel like I have fallen in love with France over and over since I visited it the first time when I was 13. Ahhhh love! (It comes in all shapes :) I am so glad that it evoked emotions for you too from your travels. You have to share more with me later ;) Sola

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